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About Us

J.H. Integration Technology Co., Ltd.(abbreviate as: JHIT) established in 2002. JHIT is devoted to offering the computer components with economic low price and fine qualities. JHIT wish that all people in the developing countries of the world have the ability to own economical and practical computer. And they can also improve the quality of their life with the help of the computer. Because there is this ideal in the heart, all staff of JHIT are responsible in one's own business and work conscientiously. JHIT wish that we could offer our customers great service and best-buy products.
We believe that what we are engaged in is serious work helpful to the world. We along stretch of the used computer to continue and serve for more people. And the reduction wastes the production with the offal, protect this earth that we live. What we sell is not merely used computer, but also include showing loving care for and expecting especially.
JHIT has specialized test method so that we could filter the bad part in the products accurately. We could let our customers will not lose quality because of low price. JHIT also has specialized repair technology to repair dead laptop battery pack. We exchange the new battery ell for the battery pack so that the battery pack can work like the original brand-new battery pack. Not just only save the money expenditure but also provide efforts for the environmental protection of the earth.
These certifications available at different service locations : 
ISO 9001 ; ISO 14001 ; OHSAS 18001 ; ISO 27001 ; Microsoft Registered Refurbisher ; R2.